Before Preparing for CA Exams- Some important tips to be kept in mind.


Tip No. 1 – Take Guidance in DETAIL from a person who has recently cleared the exam with Good Marks. (Rank Holder also )

Before Preparing for exams or before taking coachings we generally use to go to our seniors or a friend to take advice/ guidance or search on Google/quora on how to prepare and which teacher is best, But we don’t actually ask the PROCESS they’ve been gone through, the PAIN to make the complicated things simple. My advice is to meet personally with your seniors or a friend (NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR CALL) and ask in detail. This is because they know some Techniques/Tricks to make the subject concise and easy. So Whether you are choosing a teacher or making a strategy for self-study after coaching, make a list of questions in your diary, and ask in detail everything and just express yourself how you study, your style, ask them how they have studied, do they listen to music? do they follow any diet or a daily routine? do they use earphones while doing practical subjects? ask everything and if your coaching is finished then ask them how to revise, ask the sequence, Important youtube video links, etc Personally I took 2 attempts in CA Final because of my ego. I was not aware of some techniques like strike-off technique (cutting off repetitive topics), making a good summary covering everything with NO SHORTCUTS, etc. until I met a CA friend. People say it’s impossible to talk personally with a RANK HOLDER if you’re aiming for a RANK, I just say “NO, IT’S NECESSARY!!!”. I’ve seen many interviews where Rank holder friends/siblings/cousins have also secured the Rank and the truth is they know the secret and they don’t have the ego to learn from some other person.

Tip No. 2 – How to Prepare theory (Avoid Casual Reading during revisions. )

After 1st reading of the subject or after coaching where you are supposed to revise at home and do your homework, Avoid casual reading of theory subjects. Once you have understood the concept/Topic there is no need to read it like a magazine or a self-help book by lying on the bed

Tip No. 3 – Follow these Steps for theory subjects

1st step is Read suggested answers of Past Papers, this is because you have to make sure the content written in the suggested answers match with the content of your study material. Some Teachers are using content from the internet to make the subject LOOK SIMPLE. But when you write that content you don’t get marks you were expecting. ICAI paper checkers expect you to write the professional language and follow ICAI material strictly. So you get fewer marks because your content does not match with suggested answers. Personally speaking, when I got fewer marks in the CA Final Auditing subject, I got hurt and wept alone because I got the HIGHEST MARKS ON MY CENTRE IN INTERMEDIATE exam (more than Top 3 rank holders ). This was because I was not following the correct Book my content in audit paper was different than suggested answers. Then I searched for those answers in the ICAI study mat, 80% paper was from ICAI study mat and 20% paper was from Auditing Pronouncements. Many CA Final students, my friends, and seniors were not aware of the fact that paper was from auditing pronouncement, we thought the content written in suggested answers was not from our syllabus and obviously, it’s impossible to do auditing pronouncements but guess what AIR-1 had prepared a summary of pronouncement also!!! that’s the reason why he got the highest marks in auditing.

2nd Step is to mark important chapters in the index and decide the sequence based on ABC Analysis where A is most important, B is less important and C is very less important, follow your senior/friend/teacher’s advice regarding this.

3rd Step Now Go through the Questions/illustrations first!!!, (don’t start with hardcore theory) then strike-off the same content given in answers (of Illustrations/questions) from the Hardcore theory portion by Pencil. After striking off feel-good hormones are released in our body, we feel good inside, now you just have to cover the remaining portion.

4th Step Divide the Illustrations/Questions/Topics into Sets like if there are 35 Question in a Chapter then you can make 7 sets of 5 Questions. Now understand/learn the 1st set then revise 1st set then start 2nd set, Now Revise both 1st and 2nd Set, and so on till the last set, this is CUMULATIVE REVISION.

5th Step Destroy Distractions, OVERTHINKING, FEAR OF JUDGEMENT AND BECOME A BAHUWALI, I am in touch with CA Students, I use to get phone calls and Whatsapp messages and they express what they’ve been going through(Mostly Girls). There are financial Problems, Family Problems, Overthinking, Breakups, Heartaches, Rude Relatives/siblings/parents, etc and it’s difficult to focus in that environment. My Honest advise is Become Bahuwali, become Fearless, and start learning/revising/recalling the subject by speaking loud and clear. You can walk/do exercise/dance etc while revising, If I share my experience whether I’m in a hostel or in my home I use to revise the subject by speaking loudly/clearly/speedily and believe me I enjoyed a lot it was like a game for me and in hostal also I put my Table outside the room in Balcony because I was a night owl I used to sleep at 3 am at that time and I don’t want to bother my room partner who was a Senior in my office and a Chartered Accountant. People say there are relatives/friends judging you, you can’t concentrate in-home/hostal, etc but why don’t you revise/learn the subject by speaking loud just like Swapnil Patni sir. You can do this by sitting also Some years ago my sister also did this revising loudly and I used to judge her that she was mugging up, but that’s what is needed to destroy distractions. You can do breath in breath out practice or watch motivational videos/music on a laptop. Don’t use smartphone use a simple Nokia Phone. Lock your smartphone in a separate room and give the keys to your parents.

Tip No. 4- How to study Practical Subjects

Like I said for theory subject first make a set of Questions/Illustrations(set of 10 or 20 questions or 1 set of all Questions) then 1st step is to just read and recall what you’ve learned in classes after that

2nd step is to make a neat and clean copy and practice those Questions,

3rd step is doubling i.e., Do all questions Again and then highlight where you stuck and

4th step is to make a concept notebook where you have to write that portion where you got stuck along with it’s solution. So that in 5th revision you can go through it,

In 5th Step Go through concept book only and try to recall every concept after that you have to practice but this time use calculator and your speed should be high and JOSH must be high, Questions must look very easy that you can solve just by calculator or very little scribbling, and so on 6th revision until you become the very best version of yourself.

Tip No. 5- Create a Comfortable Study environment and the HUSTLE!!!

I had a friend in Delhi who was also pursuing CA, One day I decided to meet him in his flat. His flat was on the Fourth floor and at that time weather was extremely hot and scorching heat was coming in his room and there were no AC or a Cooler in that room. I just said to him that you can’t study in this environment dude. Please change the room or bring some cooler from the Market. After a few days, his sister came to that place and then he bought a new cooler. So, guys please make a comfortable study environment invest your money to make a good study setup.

Tip No. 6- How many Subjects a Day?

Do one subject in a day, so that you don’t lose focus and Productivity. You can do 2 subjects giving 12-13 Hrs for 1 subject and 3-4 Hrs to 2nd subject.

When I was a night owl during my CA Final I used to prepare a theory subject from 8 am to 12 am and then revise another subject from 12 am to 3 am. and I used to take two naps one in the afternoon after lunch and one after dinner. Make sure you tell your mom/sibling/friend to wake you up!!!

For practical subjects i used to change my daily routine waking up at 4 am and from 4 am to 8 am 1 subject and from 8 am to 11 pm another subject. However, I enjoyed the night routine because one of my childhood friend said to me Abhi toh Raat baki hai meri jaan ho jayega !!!

Tip No. 7-Be KHATAM Oriented!!!

Don’t lose your focus on things that don’t matter, just stay focus on your goal and enjoy finishing them off!!!

HAVE A VISION, Feel inside that you are the MOST POWERFUL PERSON on the Planet and you can get through any damn thing, BELIEVE in yourself, Release Good vibrations, feel Positive Vibes and Convert Negative Emotions into a WEAPON.

अपने लक्ष्य पर प्रहार करो पूरी शक्ति और एकाग्रता से !!! i.e., Hit your target with full power and concentration

Paste a checklist of topics/chapters and tick them after finishing them, Keep reminding yourself, again and again, bas khatam!!!


Special Thanks to Yogesh Verma Sir who motivated me in writing this BLOG and to the Students for Reading this :):)

July 11, 2020

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